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Aeryn Sun
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Born into the life of a soldier, from her first moment of being Aeryn was a member of the Peacekeeper military. She was a combat soldier who worked hard and made many difficult decisions to become an extremely talented Prowler pilot. Her dream was shattered when during a mission to capture a Leviathan (Living ship) who had been commandeered by the prisoners she housed her Prowler was caught in the slipstream of Moya's starburst, leading to her imprisonment by former Peacekeeper captives. There she met one John Crichton. He led to the destruction of her Peacekeeper career when she was deemed 'irreversibly contaminated' by her commanding officer due to his grudge against the human Crichton.

Since then Aeryn has been through a lot and changed in many ways. You can view her deviances from canon and a list of plot threads and important notes here.


Aeryn is an athletic Sebacean female with long black hair. She prefers to dress in black and is rarely seen without her trusty pulse pistol. Unless mentioned otherwise, assume this is always with her. Since coming to Milliways she has acquired a number of scars. 3 horizontal scars on her left shoulder, one below the other. She also has one that goes from between her breasts to her navel and another long scar on her left arm.

Aeryn has a birthmark on her hip.

When she is thinking it will be in italics.

Aeryn Sun is from Farscape, and is the property of Henson Studios. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Aeryn Sun is played by wonderwhatif.
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